Add Or Edit User Account

Use the User Account dialog to add or edit an User Account. The following sections explain the function and configuration of each field in the dialog.

User ID
This field is generated by the application. It is the unique numeric identifier that the program uses to keep track of each User Account. No configuration is necessary.

User Name
Use this field to specify the user name for this User Account. This name needs to match the name of an existing local computer or Windows Domain security account. For a Windows Domain account, you should append the domain name before the user name e.g. Domain\UserName. If this account will be used to access a ftp server, enter the user name in the format that is specified by the administrator of the ftp server.

Use this field to set the password for the User Account. Type the password again in the Confirm Password field to make sure that you have entered the correct value.

User Description
Use this field to give a description of the User Account that you are currently configuring.