The basic building block of the application is the Task. You create a Task to do a specific unit of work with a file or group of files. There are 13 types of Tasks. With the NTS File Mover, you can set up a Task that will:

  • Copy One Or More Files
  • Decrypt One Or More Password Protected Files
  • Delete One Or More Files
  • Email One Or More Files
  • Encrypt One Or More Files With A Password
  • Transfer One Or More Files To A Remote Ftp Server (Ftp Upload)
  • Transfer One Or More Files From A Remote Ftp Server (Ftp Download)
  • Move One Or More Files
  • Rename One Or More Files
  • Run An External Program
  • Import Files To A Sharepoint Document Library
  • Unzip One Or More Zip Files
  • Zip One Or More Files

For details about how to configure each kind of Task, please refer to the appropriate sections in this help file.

You use the Task tab to add to or edit your list of Tasks. To add a Task, click the Add Task item in the list (or select File > Add Task). Then, in the Select New Task Type dialog, choose the type of Task that you want to create. If you choose a ftp Task type, you will be prompted next by the Select Ftp Task Type dialog to choose whether the Task will be a ftp upload or a ftp download.

To edit an existing Task, select it, right click, and choose Edit Task (or select File > Edit Task) or double click the Task in the list. To make a copy of an existing Task, select it, right click, and choose Copy Task (or select File > Copy Task). Similarly, to delete a Task select it, right click, and choose Delete Task (or select File > Delete Task).