Add Or Edit Sftp Delete Task

You use the SFTP Delete Task dialog to configure a Task which involves deleting one or more files from a remote SFTP server. The following sections explain the function and configuration of each field in the dialog.

Task ID
This field is generated by the application. It is the unique numeric identifier that the program uses to keep track of each Task. No configuration is necessary.

File Action
This field displays the type of Task that you are currently configuring.

Task Name
Use this field to give a unique name to the Task that you are currently configuring. Make sure to name your Tasks in a way that will easily identify them in the Task list window.

Task Description
Use this field to give a more detailed description of the Task that you are currently configuring.

SFTP Server Logon Account
Use this field to select the account information (user name and password) that will be used by the application to make the connection to the SFTP server. You can add a new account here if you do not have one that has the correct credentials already in the list.

SFTP Server Name Or IP Address
Use this field to specify the SFTP server address information e.g. or You do not need to enter sftp:// in front of the name. Note: When you attempt to connect to the SFTP server for the first time (and also whenever the SFTP server does a certificate update), you will be asked to accept the server's Host Key. You will need to accept the Host Key or you will not be allowed to connect to the server. If you have questions about the validity of the Host Key, please contact the SFTP server's administrator.

Use this field to specify the numeric port being used by the SFTP server. The port used by most standard SFTP servers is 22. You should get the correct port value from the SFTP server administrator.

SFTP Server Source Folder
Use this field to set the folder from which the Task is going to delete the file(s). Click the Browse button to select a folder on the SFTP server. You may also type a valid folder path into the field directly.

Assigned Files
Use this field to assign one or more files to the Task. You can right click on a Source File Name in this list to unassign the file from the list of files to be processed by the Task. Click the Browse button (or right click on a Source File Name) to launch the Assign File(s) To Task dialog where you can edit the list of assigned files. For more information about the Assign File(s) To Task dialog, please refer to the Assign Files To Task section of this help file.

File Date Range
Click this button to launch a dialog that allows you to limit the date range of files that will be included in the Task. For more information about this feature, please refer to the Task Files Date Range section of this help file.