Create Date Stamped Folder Name

For some Tasks, you may want to create a destination root folder that contains a date/time stamp. You can create this type of folder name using the Create Date/Time Stamped Destination Root Folder Name Dialog. When creating the folder name, you can add static text (e.g. Backup_) and/or date and time elements. The date/time added to the folder name will be the date/time at the moment that the Task is run.

A sample of the full destination folder path that will be created is automatically displayed below the text box as you make entries in the field.

To create a date/time stamped destination folder name, you can enter static text and/or date/time elements in the text field by clicking on the appropriate buttons (e.g. the folder C:\Data\Backup that needs a date stamp could become C:\Data\Backup_%MONMON%%DD%%YYYY% and would become C:\Data\Backup_10202014.txt if the Task is run on 10/20/2014).