Job Schedules

A Job needs to be scheduled in order for its Tasks to be executed. You can schedule a Job to run once, or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also run a Job on demand. Finally, you can create multiple schedules for a single Job.

Jobs are kicked off by the Task Scheduler service. The Task Scheduler service must be running in order for scheduled tasks to be launched. To check to see if the service is running on your machine, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Find the Task Scheduler service. If the Status of the service is not Started, right click on it and select Start. If the service Startup Type is not set to Automatic, you may want to set it this way, so you will not have to start the service again after a reboot of the computer. To set the Startup Type to Automatic, right click on the service > Properties > Select Automatic from the Startup type dropdown list. Click OK.

You use the Job Schedules tab to add to or edit your list of Job Schedules. To add a Job Schedule, click the Add Schedule item in the list (or select File > Add Schedule).

To edit an existing Job Schedule, select it, right click, and choose Edit Schedule (or select File > Edit Schedule) or double click the Job Schedule in the list. Similarly, to delete a Job Schedule select it, right click, and choose Delete Schedule (or select File > Delete Schedule).

To run a Job immediately, select it, right click, and choose Run Job (or select File > Run Job).