How To Use The NTS File Mover

It is easy to use the NTS File Mover. In a short time, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can automate your repetitive Google Drive, sftp, ftp, copy, move, delete, rename, encryption, decryption, zip, unzip, email, and Sharepoint Document Library import tasks. The way you use the application is as follows:

  1. The basic building block of the application is the Task. You create a Task to do a specific unit of work with a file or group of files. For example, you could create a Task that copies a file from one computer to another computer.
  2. Once you have created one or more Tasks, you then create a Job. A Job is a collection of Tasks. You assign the Task(s) to a job and then you decide the order in which the Tasks should be executed.
  3. Finally, you create a schedule for the Job so that it will start when you want it to be run.

To understand in detail how to configure Tasks, Jobs, and Job Schedules, please refer to the appropriate sections of this help file.